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January 11, 2009



You know, I've been thinking about going back to school recently and also I've been reflecting on when I WAS in college...and it's upsetting because I really had no idea what I wanted to do. I do think it's too big of a responsibility to decide your future at 18. A friend of mine just got into law school but now realizes she doesn't want to go anymore. And I feel college is a bit of a rip off. I don't think it should take so long to get a degree. But that's another rant.

In short, I feel a lot of what you're feeling, Mon. And I'm praying for you :) We can talk more on Tuesday about all this if you want ;)


I had a huge problem turning 30. It was really rough on me. I felt that I'd made all these goals and 'knew' where I'd be at 30...and, well...I hadn't reached most of them yet. But ya know what? July 5th hit and then it was over and that was that. And now I'm 33...yikers!

So I guess what I'm trying to say is that I hear ya and feel for ya, but know that it's just a day in your life and your age is just a number. You have your entire life to live and do-overs are for whimps. Ya gotta live and screw up and then learn and move on. I think it's all the screw ups, failures and losses that really teach us and in turn, allow us to help others.

Stretch your wings Monaca. Try new things, just don't move too far away! :-) Don't let anything, let alone an age hold you back or define you. You are so, far more than a number.

You're in my thoughts.


Isn't your birthday in September? Why are you concerned about turning 30 now if it doesn't happen for another 9 months?


I had a tough time with it, mostly from a youth ministry standpoint. I figured I'd be too old to be relevant. My wife and friends through a giant surprise party for me. Very nice.

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